My Brand New Sleeping Pad - AKA The Big Green Cucumber

“Pop” is not a sound you want to hear when inflating your new sleeping pad, especially in the California backcountry with three days left in the trek. A baffle separating two air chambers had just broken, creating one large air chamber in the middle of the pad from head to toe. As I laid down on the pad, another “pop” and now three of the seven chambers were united against me! »

Hiking up, Hiking down

Sunny morning of September 29th, 2013, two trail runners we ran into in Yosemite National Park was asking where we were heading… “We started in Yosemite Valley and hit the Half Dome yesterday. Heading to Sunrise High Sierra Camp for tonight and will exit at Tuolumne Meadows the day after.” “Nice route, very beautiful scenery! We live close to the park and have been running this exact route for 16 years! »